Research / Clinical Protocol Adherence

Plug-and-play type functionality helps improve the standardization of datasets across studies, and DADOS has the ability to handle and support disparate data from a wide variety of sources while sticking to protocol adherence.

DADOS has the capability to collect online consent forms for each study. The consent form can be collection centre specific. Signing the online consent form will automatically register the subject in the study and they will be presented with their initial surveys to complete.

The consent module also includes versioning so that changes to the consent form are captured. Those consent forms that were signed using an older version will be unsigned and the new version presented on next login of the subject.

A user may have viewing access to one study and editing access to another. Administrators can also restrict access to Users to view or edit data from a single collection centre.

Administrators can create and manage users. DADOS supports access to users with various levels of permissions to view and edit data. User roles are set by the administrator and can be set either system-wide or study level.

DADOS works to conform to the HIPAA and PIPEDA privacy regulations and will ensure that all personal health information captured in the study is securely stored. Personal health information is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and only exposed to users with appropriate access to the study. Throughout the interface, study participants have referenced a unique anonymous identifier.