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Our line of products are sure to aid in the electronic collection and management of clinician data

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We’ve designed DADOS to function seamlessly on almost all Tablets. We’ve put our focus into ensuring that interacting with any of our products on a tablet is user-friendly both for patients and clinicians.
DADOS makes it easy for patients to fill out questionnaires directly on their tablet, from which clinicians and researchers can retrieve this information and build custom reports.

DADOS can help you reduce your physical storage from a thick binder per-patient to almost nothing. Your survey results are saved in the database and any changes are subsequently recorded in a custom audit trail; allowing quick trend analysis.


DADOS Remote allows you to store the sensitive data you collect within our ultra-secure servers. Servers existing within a healthcare setting are reputable for having some of the highest security available. Your data won’t be available from anywhere except behind a special customized administrative login page.

DADOS Remote is for those who want the ease of internal hosting with the rigorous security associated with hosting on an external healthcare server.

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DADOS onDemand is all about ease of setup and maintenance. We host the DADOS platform for you, and as the client, there is no stress about how the system is set up and maintained. We ensure everything is working and running flawlessly, then hand over a login key. There are no details to worry about and no complicated setup procedures. Simply start working and enjoy the efficiency and security of DADOS onDemand.


DADOS AddOns allows for you to personalize your DADOS experience even further. From our base products, we allow you to pick and choose what will help your organization utilize this product to the fullest.

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