Research Electronic
Data Capture (EDC) Services

Our Research Electronic Data Capture services allow for the registration of multisite studies combined with the ability to integrate with a patient-based kiosk environment making sure that our platform can handle any study you may need. We also have a simple means to extract data from the system in real-time, regardless of geographic location. DADOS Platform boasts a large database and effective search methods to which the division utilizes to effectively keep track of the great number of studies providing you with a high level of data integrity, necessary for storing and tracking data as important and confidential as personal medical history.

DADOS Platform is able to track survey completion and call-back status for all the subjects registered in a study make sure that you can easily connect with your subjects. The ability to generate an audit trail allows all changes to be recorded and tracked to adhere to the strict compliance concerns around personal health information. DADOS Platform can integrate with electronic forms processing system (e.g. TeleForm™), allowing for optimized, direct patient data entry. Our system can now connect with the hospital systems to track patient visits, as continuous check-ups are essential to the research. It provides quick and easy use for the patients, a secure database for the research, and enough room to keep up with the growing field.

Effectively keep track of your studies, completed surveys and next follow-ups using DADOS’ large database and custom search methods. You can also capture information on interactions using the subject call log. This tools allows you to quickly view a snapshot of upcoming work, set preferred follow-up methods, and allocate needed resources. Survey tracking also provides a snapshot of what case report forms have been completed in a given date range.


DADOS gives you the ability to create custom forms with ease. You can edit your questions and change access for individual users throughout your study. Easy to follow and use, the form builder can be an integral tool in your research process.
You can create custom reports for a population or a subset of study subjects. The subset can then be defined based on set subject characteristics or on answers given to specific questions.


DADOS Discover makes it easy to analyze your data with the ability to export all or just sections of your data to review. Our custom report builder allows you to extract any data you may need based on your research study; from a handwritten one-time ‘snapshot’ of a patient’s physical condition to hundreds of pages of electronically captured data obtained over a period of weeks or months.


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