Providing the Altum-ate Health Care to Workers of Canada

Altum Health is a department within the University Health Network offering medical treatment and rehabilitation to workers with workplace-related musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. In conjunction with the rest of UHN, Altum aims to provide insightful, patient-oriented, services with the high quality of healthcare associated with UHN and the shortest time to return to work as possible. Altum takes advantage of being a part of UHN by providing the quickest, most effective connections to patients. A patient will be assessed and directed to the appropriate physician as quickly as possible, without unnecessary, intermediary visits. From the physician, the patient can then be directed to the next appropriate steps including, but not limited to, surgery, physiotherapy, or rehabilitation through UHN.

The vision may have been effective and efficient; however, the system Altum Health had in place could not keep up with this vision. The system worked as follows: Altum mailed out the forms to be filled by the patients. These forms were then faxed back then subsequently faxed around to the various departments within UHN. Ultimately, the completed forms would be manually entered into an excel spreadsheet and stored at that collection centre. If a researcher needed that information, it had to be sent back and forth between the different locations. This whole process took a long time and made it very difficult to track specific studies.

The DADOS team developed DADOS-Connect and the real-time report generator to address these needs. Altum Health uses DADOS-Connect to allow patients to input data from the comfort of their own home. The patients are emailed a one-time log in username and password, which they can use to log in and fill out the questionnaires. The information goes straight to DADOS ready to be exported from any Altum Health location. Although the database is web-based, the information is secure from external attacks. DADOS is also now equipped with the ability to calculate the protocols automatically and generate a report that is easy to understand. Known as the real-time report, all the clinician needs to do is to press a button to calculate the assessment and create a pdf file of the report. These reports are completely customizable making each study report unique. Multiple figures are generated to present any changes in the previous assessments, allowing summarize the study in one simple report. This new system works to match the vision of Altum Health in providing a system that successfully integrates each division seamlessly into the healthcare process.


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