DADOS: a web-based application for electronically collecting and managing data related to outcomes.

Clean and intuitive patient interface which collects data from mobile devices within a clinic setting. The flexible administrative backend of the platform gives users complete control over subject information and collection schedules. The backend part of the software also includes useful reporting and tracking tools. While providing a perfect balance between high regulatory compliance and the best of breed functionality.

An intuitive yet flexible solution that gives both research teams and clinicians what they want.

DADOS, Home, DADOS Electronic Data Capture Platform
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The DADOS Platform is developed, maintained and supported by
the Electronic Data Capture Program at the Techna Institute.


Our line of products are built to aid in the electronic collection and management of clinician data

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DADOS, Home, DADOS Electronic Data Capture PlatformDADOS, Home, DADOS Electronic Data Capture Platform


DADOS Connect allows patients to access their DADOS portal wherever they are and fill in the information. The same forms and surveys that can be accessed in the clinics can be filled out from where ever the client can connect to the internet.

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DADOS, Home, DADOS Electronic Data Capture PlatformDADOS, Home, DADOS Electronic Data Capture PlatformDADOS, Home, DADOS Electronic Data Capture Platform


Clinicians and researchers can enjoy a simple point-and-click solution that can be set up quickly. CAT based PROMIS tools for domains such as physical function, pain interference, and depression require only 2-3 minutes to complete.


DADOS, Home, DADOS Electronic Data Capture Platform

DADOS strives to bridge the gap between research and clinical care

Our application provides a web-based interface to be used for collecting data from a variety of study types or clinical situations.

With the built-in flexibility of its data capture methods, it is able to meet many unique requirements of any research workflow or clinical environment. The easy-to-use methods to enter patient outcome data can be designed around any speciality, patient population, research study, or government program.

The platform offers many solutions for clinical trials, mobile surveys, registries, adverse event reporting, patient-reported outcomes, and research/clinical protocol adherence. New features are continually added! All pulled from feedback to improve usability and expand its application in the field of translational and clinical research and drive value in healthcare delivery.

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